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Water Tank Warnings After Reported Deaths

By Arnold / March 13, 2017

Three people have lost their lives in a set of unimaginable circumstances, whilst undertaking what can only be described as a normal every day task – that being to clean out the inside of a rural water tank.  There is now a call for more attention to ventilation when using motorised engines in or around […]


Social Media Banned From Wedding

By Arnold / December 29, 2016

In a surprise move in todays society there seems to be a new divide in what is deemed socially acceptable – the use of smart phone technology at weddings. Whilst one side of the argument embrace new technology and are positive about well wishers, and party participants to capture and share everything, the other side […]


Air Conditioning Servicing Vital To Longevity

By Arnold / October 11, 2016

Local Henderson air conditioning service contractor Allen Air has recently been in the news for championing the need for regular servicing of industrial service equipment.  Proprietor Kim Allen advised that inattention to this need in equipment such as air conditioning units can lead to long lasting health effects in addition to temporary discomfort.  Such was the case […]


Returning From Water Damage Despair

By Arnold / September 12, 2016

Water Damage Is An Excuse For Home Improvement If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of water damage, think twice before calling an emergency water damage repair company.  Completing home improvement projects can be done without paying the additional cost of hiring a professional. This article contains information that will help you complete do-it-yourself projects in […]


Have You Considered Limo Hire For Your Last Night of Freedom?

By Arnold / July 29, 2016

Your Bachelorette Limo Hire Night Ladies… it’s time to go out for your gal and show her a night out unlike the rest – a great idea is to hire a limousine. Put on that outfit that makes them all stop and stare, your favorite heels, and get ready for an incredible time. You should look […]