Water Harvesting Options for Farmers in 2021

Small farmers have always dealt with factors such as El Niño, droughts, frosts and climate change.  Rainwater harvesting systems allow farmers to have water year-round and to continue producing food.  If you are looking for a  Water Tanks Perth  supplier, this information may help. When you aren’t attached to mains water and the area you farm in isn’t known for high rainfall, having to capture your own water is one of the only options.  Water conservation structures like check dams, percolation tanks and farm ponds can play a key role in alleviate this issue, as well as turning around drought conditions.

large steel water tank for farmers

large zincalume water tanks for farmers with big farms

Farmers can identify natural canals for a dams run off and build there —using local materials such as stones and clay— a 3 to 4 meters wide dam crossed by several six-inch diameter pipes for drainage to prevent overflowing.


Rainwater harvesting is not just for residential buildings anymore. New and innovative techniques are being developed that allow farmers to collect rain from their roofs in order to conserve water, reduce irrigation costs and improve the quality of soil on their farms. Here’s how it works: a large storage tank or cistern is installed near the roof with gutters leading down towards it. When there is a storm, the collected water flows into the tank via gravity – no pumps required.  When the tank is full, excess water flows into an overflow drain that leads to a sump pump. This pump handles any surge in volume of rainwater runoff and then runs out into another storage area for ongoing use on the farm.

There are many benefits of harvesting rainwater: it reduces dependence on municipal sources; builds up buffer capacities during dry periods; provides natural fertilizer through irrigation with collected surface waters when necessary which decreases chemical input needs; improves soil composition by increasing organic matter content from decaying leaves, tree roots, animal droppings etc.; saves energy costs needed to move water around via pumps or pressurized pipelines. Another great benefit is helping local waterways stay clean! Rainfall run-off has been shown to carry pollutants like fertilizers and pesticides into rivers, streams and creeks.

This is done by redirecting the water that would have flowed out of a catchment area with gentle slopes or ridges to flow along contour lines instead. While harvesting rainwater for your farm can seem like an overwhelming task, it has many benefits as you saw in this blog post! I hope you found these reasons to be helpful for considering if rainwater farming is right for you.”

Rainfall run-off has been shown to carry pollutants like fertilizers and pesticides into rivers, streams and creeks. This is done by redirecting the water that would have flowed out of a catchment area with gentle slopes or ridges to flow along contour lines instead.

While harvesting rainwater for your farm can seem like an overwhelming task, it has many benefits as you saw in this blog post! I hope you found these reasons to be helpful for considering if rainwater farming is right for you.”

So why should farmers harvest their own water? Here are some of the top benefits:

– Harvesting and collecting one’s own rainfall means there is no need to drill deep wells which increases chance that well will dry up from depletion over time; – Rainwater collected on site provides free irrigation without contributing excess nutrients back into the soil (as fertilizers) or runoff offsite; – Harvesting rainwater also provides a free source of water for livestock to drink, making it more affordable for farmers; and

– The amount of surface area that is covered by the roof makes harvesting rainfall an ideal method since roofs are typically in close proximity.

So what should you do first? Here’s some tips:

– Determine catchment size needed based on your household needs and availability of space as well as slope or elevation change considering annual rainfall accumulation (i.e. how much rain will fall on this site?). Consider useable land areas such as hillsides with gentle slopes where runoff can be captured easily without damaging crops or pastureland below;

– Know what type of system would best suit your needs.

– Know that a well-designed rainwater harvesting system should not use any plumbing, pumps or other mechanical equipment to transport water. It should be gravity fed and self sustaining once it is established; and

– Begin building the framework for your catchment area. Consider capturing runoff from roofing eaves, downspouts, gutters and leader pipes so there are no losses in volume due to overflow onto soil where contamination could occur. Once you have constructed the frame of your catchment basin, make sure to create one large hole on each side at least five feet deep with sloping sides that will collect the surface flow into this structure as well as roofs (sloped towards ground) running across the top edges of all structures below which will catch runoff from the rooftops.

– Place a layer of coarse gravel on the ground below for good drainage and bottom slope to facilitate flow into basin; then place layers of filter fabric, followed by fine gravel or sand in order to provide filtration for water that will be collected before it is allowed to seep through your soil. Once this base has been laid out, you can begin planting vegetation at lower elevation levels while constructing terraces above so as not to disturb any viable plant life already growing there;

– Paint with compost tea every two weeks during summer months and continue adding charcoal mulch around trees (which also helps absorb excess carbon dioxide) when applicable. This should encourage robust growth which will anchor rainwater harvesting systems securely

City of Perth Under Construction

Perth City Council Invests Heavily in Infrastructure

With the aim of continuing to grow, the City of Perth has been diligent in creating a master plan of infrastructure.  There are a number of projects in the works that will aid the Western Australian economy by way of jobs in the short term, and increased economic stimulus in the longer term.  One of the highest profile projects is the redevelopment of Wellington Square in East Perth.

Wellington Square

Wellington Square

This project was given the green light by Perth Council in September 2018, and began construction in January 2020.  The area will predominantly be a lawn area designed to host a range of  sporting activities, with the capacity to allow for large scale events.

Included in the scope of works is an intergenerational play space that will allow children of all ages to enjoy fun fulled external play activities.

A modern twist with the development will see a designated multi use space that can be utilised for events, and social activities.  Plans are underway fo this space to be available for public use, in addition to city hosted events.

The development will seek to incorporate state of the art construction, utilising plastic bar chairs to set the reinforcing bar and mesh to the correct position within concrete covers.  This will ensure long term strength, durability and longevity for the project.

Other features of the construction project include:


  • Pedestrian Priority Zone: Take advantage of low traffic volumes on Wittenoom Street to create a space to cater for small to medium sized events
  • Place of Reflection: Area for reflection and healing for Aboriginal people of the Stolen Generation
  • Public Toilet: Located on the corner of Wellington and Hill Street. A future toilet will be located with the kiosk next to the playground
  • Water Element: Acknowledgement of the historical chain of streams, swamps and lakes through an interpretive water element designed to treat stormwater runoff
  • Passive Recreation: Open parkland social spaces providing a variety of seating opportunities
  • Basketball Courts: One full sized and one half sized basketball court with lighting to allow for use to extended hours.
  • Barbecue and Picnic Facilities: Barbecues, picnic tables and shelters to provide shade and seating
  • Public Artwork: Interpretive signage and other art elements to tell the story of Wellington Square
  • Heritage Fig Tree: Feature lighting to the ‘Kids Tree’ to acknowledge its historical significance
  • Park Entrances: Improved access and wayfinding signage
  • Low perimeter Planting: keeping sight lines uninterrupted

The City of Perth’s plan to revitalise the East Perth space comes in at an estimated $18.7m,  with an eye on public safety with increased lighting and CCTV.

When considering the project, the city of Perth engaged community for ideas on the design of stage one, in addition to the final design of the intergenerational playground.

It is anticipated that the project will be finalised in early 2021.

Water Tanks Albany – Making the Best Choice

High Quality Rain Water Tank For Albany, Western Australia

The best water tanks Albany can offer isn’t a subject that springs to mind when it rains.  There aren’t many consolations to a rainy day in Albany Western Australia– cosy couch time, soothing sounds of drops on the roof, and perhaps a rainbow or a puddle-splash afterwards. But you can add yet another by attaching a water tank to capture some of that downpour: it’ll decrease your environmental footprint by decreasing your demand on mains water and the volume of stormwater runoff into rivers and oceans, and can also trim your water bill in the long run.

In Albany WA rainwater tanks are no longer just huge, round and uninviting; they are available in all shapes and sizes that can make efficient use of tiny or tricky urban spaces.

Water for outdoor or indoor usage?

Easily the most important issue to consider before you acquire and install a water tank is how you intend to use the water.

Employing the water outdoors– for watering the garden and washing the car, for instance– is the most convenient way to start, as you possibly just need the supplier to set up the water tank, as opposed to a licensed plumber. And it will immediately cut your utilisation of mains water.

In Albany, you can save a lot more by sending the rain water to your toilet, washing machine or hot water system, but you’ll need to have a licensed plumber to connect the rainwater tank to your mains supply.

What size tank do I require?

The capacity you choose will hinge on the size and shape of your household and garden. Round, squat tanks fit efficiently under a deck, while slimline tanks are good for narrow spaces. An underfloor tank or bladder storage system is a good out-of-sight space saver, however, is more expensive.

Your roof area and the annual rainfall in Albany will also have to be considered. To help determine the size and shape that’s appropriate for you, sellers often provide calculators on their internet sites, or your water authority may have the opportunity to help.

What else do I need to identify before acquiring a rainwater tank in Albany?


Water tanks generally come in the following materials:

Metal tanks are produced from corrugated or flat rolled metal, which may be galvanised or coated. They often include a plastic inner lining (Aquaplate) that will boost the quality of life of the tank and protect the water quality.

Polyethylene (plastic) tanks are popular as they are reasonably cheap and durable. Because rust isn’t a concern, they are a pretty good option for people living near the sea. Other synthetic materials, like PVC and geotextile, are utilised for bladder storage. Bladders work for water storage below a deck or floor; while their material is strong, it’s not intended for outdoor installation.

Fibreglass tanks are rust and chemical-resistant and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature levels. They’re not the cheapest option, and preferable for above-ground installation, while all other kinds can also be set up below ground.
Concrete tanks, more often used for agricultural and industrial intentions, won’t rust, burn, melt or blow away. They could be bought ready-made, or customised onsite.

water tanks albany


Regulations in Albany

Ask your Albany WA council and water supplier which rules and regulations apply in your local area. You may need to submit a development or building application, and there may be rules around drinking rainwater or mosquito breeding prevention, together with restrictions on the tank’s placement, colour, height and labelling or noise regulations for a pump.

Are you refurbishing, building new or retrofitting?
If you are remodeling or building, as opposed to retrofitting, you may need to incorporate energy and water-efficient elements in your plans to obey new legislative requirements.

Extra costs

When securing quotes, ask if there are any additional costs for delivery and installation; extra materials (such as pipes, fittings and taps); alternative extras (such as a first-flush or backflow-prevention device); a pump (unless you can make use of gravity for water pressure); and a stand (unless you want to put it on the ground or below it, through which case you’ll need to think about the cost of special ground prep or excavation).

If you wish to connect the tank to your mains water system, think about the cost of a licensed plumber, and costs for any supplementary work that needs to get done to your roof and/or guttering.

Can you obtain a water tank rebate in Albany?

Check with your local water or government authority to see if you’re entitled to a cash grant or bill reduction– the answer may rely on the size of the rainwater tank and whether it’s connected to a toilet and/or washing machine.


Rainwater tanks can vary from around $700 to $2000, starting from a small, freestanding model without pump or extras, to large, custom-built models. Costs vary basing on the size, material, finish and strength of the tank.

Who Is Mas Sajady (The Real Story)

Mas Sajady Program


Mas Sajady was once a normal every day computer programmer who gained something extremely positive from two near death experiences.  Mas’s gifts are more than simply physical.  He has created a program that has assisted people to open up their inner selves, and allow absolute abundance into all instances of their lives.  mas sajady portraitFocusing on all areas of a persons life, such as spirituality, relationships, wealth and health, MasSajady is well placed to offer assistance to the every day person.  His testimonials showcase how the every day person has achieved balance in their life, as well as the ability to fulfill personal and spiritual goals.  This website is A good place to see if Mas Sajady is a good fit for you.

Mas Sajady has always been intuitively gifted. Like many others, he tried to hide or ignore his highly intuitive nature so he could “fit in”. It is for this reason Mas has always strongly advised parents to support children who have similar affinities. It literally took Mas two near death experiences to awaken and embrace his abilities.

Is Mas Sajady A Fraud?

This is a very common question relating to any person, company, or product that has the courage to place itself online.  Once online, you are at the mercy of the keyboard warriors, and Mas is no different.  The reality is that we as individuals need to make our minds up for ourselves.  The only way to do this in our cyberspace based society is to look for as many references as possible to see if it is a good fit for what we are looking for.  It is possible that someone with a negative experience did not receive their expected outcome, however their desire was not aligned with what you would like to achieve.  As people looking for help, we need to align ourselves with those we feel can assist us on our journey.  It’s a fact that Mas Sajady has help countless people achieve their goals and objectives, however at the end of the day we all need to make our own decisions.

Mas Sajady Events

Through years of transforming lives, recreating realities and healing the physical and spiritual wounds of thousands around the world, one question/request Mas has been asked the most – “Can you teach what you do?”  Mas hosts events throughout the calendar year, showcasing his skills to help as many people as possible.  These events are attended by hundreds of people looking for in person assistance with their personal development growth.  The best places to attain information relating to Mas Sajady Events are as follows:

Mas Sajady Events on Event Brite

Mas Sajady Events on MarylHurst.edu

How Can You Keep Up To Date With Mas Sajady?

Follow Mas Sajady On Twitter

In today’s hectic world it can be difficult to keep up with content, which is why twitter is such a great portal for information.  Mas is very active on Twitter tweeting numerous times each day.  The content posted included motivational pieces, video posts, links to additional authority content, as well as links to his own blogged content.  You can follow Mas Sajady on Twitter here.

Follow Mas Sajady On Instagram

Currently with 3849 Followers, Mas seems to be fairly active on Instagram.  His account showcases the people he has helped along with beautiful imagery of scenic locations where Mas takes time to meditate and help others.  Complemented with inspiring quotes, and  showcasing others, this is a very inspiring Instagram account that can offer motivation with the click of a button.  You can follow Mas Sajady on Instagram here.

Follow Mas Sajady On Sound Cloud

For those that are more in tune with listening to content, then Sound Cloud could be the place for you.  Sajady is very active with podcasting, allowing the user to download his content to listen to at their convenience.  This is very comas sajady exponential intelligencenvenient for those people who travel a lot, or spent a fair amount of time in their vehicles.  Instead of being drawn into the mundane of travel, the user can plug in the latest Mas Sajady podcast and keep working on their inner self.  You can download Mas Sajady podcasts from the following locations:

Mas Sajady on Sound Cloud

Mas Sajady on Stitcher

Mas Sajady on Itunes

A Yallingup Adventure

Western Australia has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, with stunning beaches, glorious ocean views, and the most fulfilling sunsets imaginable.  One of the best kept secrets is the tiny seaside town of Yallingup.  One of the biggest questions potential visitors ask, is what style of accommodation is available.  The answer is that there is a mix.  Of particular note is the beach style of  Yallingup accommodation that is showcased in the Injidup area.   With a laid back lifestyle accompanying a serenity to die for, this family focused accommodation style is certainly a winner.  For those looking for a little bit more, the following Yallingup home was discovered which showcased what many would consider the perfect getaway home both for a holiday, and to live permanently.  For those seeking a permanent sea change, or simply some time out, this is the kind of property that will stand you in good stead.

Permanent Yallingup Aaccommodation

This stunning home is absolutely perfect for a number of different reasons and it is versatile enough to suit a variety of lifestyles.

It is found in the beautiful suburb of Yallingup and enjoys all of the peace and quiet that comes with being located so close to nature, while being on the verge of a number of amenities.

“This home is centrally located, close to Dunsborough with the wineries and restaurants in that area and also close to the coast; Smiths Beach is a short drive away,” Stocker Preston Dunsborough Property Consultant Chris Stott said.

The kitchen in this property is absolutely superb; it contains quality Smeg appliances as well as two ovens and an induction cooktop. Corian benchtops also feature in this immaculate space and finish off what is a dream for a chef of any calibre.

“The sheer size of the kitchen and the workspace will appeal to most buyers, the two ovens are built higher into the cupboards to make them more accessible and easier to use,” Mr Stott said.

The open-plan living and dining area leads off from the kitchen and makes the most of the cathedral-style ceiling that has exposed beams running through it. The height of the ceiling instantly creates a light, bright area that is extremely spacious and welcoming to a variety of entertaining options.

“The main living area includes a large fireplace with slow combustion wood heater. It has a feature stone floor-to-ceiling hearth around the fireplace area that is a key feature of the room,” Mr Stott said.

Sliding stacker doors open onto the alfresco area that is part of the timber-decked verandah which spans the width of the home. The verandah also provides access to three of the four bedrooms through sliding doors.

The master bedroom is the only one that doesn’t provide access to the verandah, but what it lacks in outside access it easily makes up for in other areas.

It is an extremely spacious room and includes a grand walk-in robe and an elegant ensuite. All of the bedrooms in this home are of a very good size and would easily suit a variety of possibilities.

“This home would really suit a large family or even two couples that are looking into buying a holiday home. The size of the home and the versatility of the bedrooms would lend it very well to multiple people staying here,” Mr Stott said.

Set on 1.57 hectares of land the home includes an immaculate lawn area and enjoys views of the surrounding area and the forest that overlooks the property.

“The current owners have sheep on the land to keep the lawn down and you would easily be able to keep a horse on the property,” Mr Stott said.

A triple garage sits at the end of the pea asphalt driveway and a pea asphalt pathway borders another beautiful lawn area.

The size and beauty of this home is second to none and it showcases some very special features throughout the 585sqm interior living space, including exposed aggregate concrete flooring throughout the home.

New Office Fitout Has Serious Wow Factor

When it comes to office fitouts it’s fair to say that more times than not – the main focus is cost. According to local Perth office fitout company Capital Builders, the days of style and innovation seem to be long gone, having been replaced by cost efficiency, space maximisation, and a minimalist approach.  Noting this, when office design crafted with mind blowing creativity does surface, the industry tends to stand up and take notice.  Such seems to be the case with a recent project undertaken by Paragon Interiors.

A treehouse meeting room, “dream room” and games areas with Space Invaders and a pool table are all key features of accountancy firm PKF Cooper Parry’s office at East Midlands Airport.

Now, as it prepares to open a West Midlands base, it has hired the same commercial fit-out company to carry out the work.

A Unique Office Fitout Approach

Paragon Interiors, the Nottingham business owned by Notts County owner Alan Hardy, will design and fit out PKF’s 17,810 sq ft office at One Central Boulevard, in Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull.

Lee Harris, executive commercial director at Paragon, said: “It is fantastic to be working with PKF Cooper Parry again.
“It has a refreshing vision and values which align with how its offices operate. Its environment provides the platform for their culture to grow and they have some incredible talent to nurture.

“We pride ourselves on getting incredibly close to our clients before we draw a line on a piece of paper.

“By getting under the skin of an organisation, we can extract their DNA and their deep-rooted behaviours.


“We pride ourselves on getting incredibly close to our clients before we draw a line on a piece of paper.

“By getting under the skin of an organisation, we can extract their DNA and their deep-rooted behaviours.


“Only then can we honestly create working environments that not only reflect and reinforce the company culture and evolutional process.

“Having been a part of the journey of growth for PKF Cooper Parry we can’t wait to start the next chapter over in the West Midlands.”

PKF announced last month it would be relocating its West Midlands operation from the current base in Calthorpe Road, central Birmingham, to Blythe Valley.

Paragon, which has also fitted out offices for the likes of Adidas, Jaguar Land Rover and O2, designed the company’s 26,000 sq ft Sky View “super office” for its East Midlands headquarters in 2014.


The office won a stream of accolades for its bold design and radical reimagination of the workplace.

PKF’s new West Midlands office will include similarly ground-breaking design features such as a wellbeing tent, swings, flexible and agile working spaces and a sports bar.
Ade Cheatham, chief executive of PKF Cooper Parry, said: “One Central Boulevard will provide us with modern, high-specification, grade A office facilities, designed to be flexible, to encourage creativity and collaborative working.


“Once again we have chosen to work with Paragon to create another leading edge design, with lots of quirky and fun features thrown in – from Narnia cupboards to Segways, not to mention a running track – to ‘wow’ our staff and clients alike.

“We have ambitious growth plans and are planning to double our market share in the West Midlands over the next two years, adding new expertise and talent across the team. Our offices will play a major part in that.”

Whilst budget is always going to be a consideration with any new office fitout, there is a lot of evidence that environment is a major factor when it comes to productivity, staff retention and overall business profitability.  This creative approach is a fantastic vision that shows what can be achieved when a different perspective is utillised

Original article appeared here

Water Tank Warnings After Reported Deaths

Three people have lost their lives in a set of unimaginable circumstances, whilst undertaking what can only be described as a normal every day task – that being to clean out the inside of a rural water tank.  There is now a call for more attention to ventilation when using motorised engines in or around confined spaces.  Local water tank manufacturer Pioneer Water Tanks have confirmed that whilst there is no direct danger from the inside of the water tank itslef, there can indeed be problems when harmful gases are emitted inside the empty space.

Farmers are being urged to be aware of the dangers of using pump or motor engines in water tanks following the deaths of three family members in the Southern Tablelands.

Andrew Basnett, his wife Anne and brother Richard died from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after they entered the tank at a property outside Gunning, near Yass, on Thursday afternoon.

Andrew, 69, was using a high-pressure water pump to clean the empty in-ground cement tank when he collapsed.

Richard, 68, and Anne, 63, suffered the same fate when they went to help.

Carbon dioxide fumes are believed to have built up in the tank as the water pump was used.

The invisible, odourless gas can be deadly in confined spaces, NSW Farmers president Derek Schoen says.

“The gas is much heavier than the surrounding atmosphere so it sinks straight to the bottom of the tank,” he told AAP.

“Once that happens, it slowly moves up towards your head and then you asphyxiate.”

The tragic circumstances surrounding the Basnett family deaths were not uncommon, he said.

“The natural instinct when you see someone collapsed is to go in and help but that is the worst thing you can do,” Mr Schoen said.

“It only takes about a minute and a half to asphyxiate so there’s not much time to get out of there while carrying a heavy body.”

The best thing to do is call emergency services, which have the right breathing apparatus and retrieving methods.

Mr Schoen also urges water tank owners to place pumps or other engine equipment further away.

“As far as possible. Not just with water tanks but underground wells too,” he said.

Original article source https://au.news.yahoo.com/nsw/a/34440284/water-tank-warnings-after-nsw-deaths/#page1

Search Engine Optimisation Trends for 2017


What’s Hot for SEO In 2017

As the new year rolls around, recently made new years resolutions are being smashed, whilst at the same time, those within the online space turn their attention to the current focus for search engine optimisation.  Local search companies like xlstechnologies.com.au, along with your everyday normal local business like perthglassfencing.com are all looking for the edge that will keep them on the forefront of what is current with web marketing today.

Here is a list of the top 5 areas all business owners can focus on in an effort to keep current and relevant in todays SEO climate.

1. Take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The need for more responsive pages in a bid to reduce bounce rate has been a driving force in Google’s 2016 SEO strategy.

One of the most practical solutions they came up with is the integration of AMP by webmasters.

It’s important to note that AMPs are open-source protocols that allow pages load instantaneously on mobile browsers. AMP has become a phenomenon in the SEO community for it allows consumers load pages instantly at a reduced data rate. The average webpage uses eight times more data than an AMP when loading content.

In 2017, this trend is expected to develop further, and you can take advantage of it to provide more responsive pages for your users.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes its presence known

Google search algorithms finally got a boost at the tail end of 2016. This boost came in the form of integrating machine learning into search algorithms with the aim of making them smarter.

The Google RankBrain concept is expected to make search more intelligent and provide only relevant information to users of its search engine. This means that to combat the rise of AI in search, webmasters and website owners must focus on adding a unique voice to the niche they operate in.

The possibility of conning the system with black hat SEO tricks will become even less effective in 2017. This means your new year content resolution should be to use taglines, write dense articles, and make a dent with the information you post.

3. User Experience optimization has emerged

The evolution of the World Wide Web – signified by the term Web 3.0 – is slowly becoming the standard for platforms that rely on the internet. In this new world order, user experience has begun to trump all other factors.

Websites now make more user friendly platforms and search engines are beginning to take note. Google as well as Bing have escalated the need for a better user experience by integrating these experiences into helping websites rank hire and webmaster most take advantage of this.

Since 2015 search engines have been partial to well-designed webpages that get people to spend more time viewing contents on them. This means the onus to increase both the user experience and the ease of access on your platform falls squarely on your shoulders.

To do this, you should design more user-friendly landing pages, integrate the use of infographics in your blog posts and simplify your website’s navigation process.

4. Personal branding is key

Carving out a niche in a crowded space is difficult everywhere including on the internet. And this has made Google focus on platforms creatively pushing their brands against all odds.

One of these techniques includes the use of branded URLs in carving out a unique perspective for your personal business on the web.


5. Integrate short branded links

One of the most important KPIs that search engines take into consideration when ranking web pages is ‘iteration’.

Iteration in SEO means that the more a content is read and shared on the web, and the more unique and credible the information it contains. And the best way to get your content shared is via ‘short branded links.’

These new link format is currently been used by Fortune 500 companies — Pepsi (pep.si), NY Times (nyti.ms) etc — to push their agenda on the internet and it’s working. Research shows that using branded links increases CTR by 35 percent. Not to mention they’re crucial on social channels that limit post characters.

It will pay to start with an area that is quick and easy to implement in order to get a result as fast as possible.  Once one area has been completed, then feel free to move onto the next.  Undertaking all areas of opportunity at once will result in you feeling overwhelmed and nothing being achieved.

Article Original Source

Social Media Banned From Wedding

In a surprise move in todays society there seems to be a new divide in what is deemed socially acceptable – the use of smart phone technology at weddings.

Whilst one side of the argument embrace new technology and are positive about well wishers, and party participants to capture and share everything, the other side is banning the technology all together.

Local wedding planners are somewhat caught in the middle when it comes to advising couples of new age do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media protocols for weddings.

Snapchat Ups Its Game

Rising social network Snapchat revealed more of its four million Australian users are making their own location-based photo filters to announce their parties to the world, but at the same time brides and grooms are banning smartphones from their weddings to prevent “phone face”.

Guests, it seems, must read event invitations very carefully this year.

Snapchat launched its latest addition in Australia quietly and the company revealed thousands are now buying On-Demand Geofilters daily for events including weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, and birthday parties

The photo filters can be customised with people’s names, images, cartoons, or locations, and only appear as a photo option within Snapchat’s app when users are physically inside the party’s boundary.

Perth student Jemma McFarland said she set up a Snapchat filter around her house when she held her 21st birthday, and set its design to match her party invitations.

“I didn’t tell anyone (about the filter) until the day of the party and I don’t think they had seen it before so they were all quite surprised,” she said.

“It’s just a way to use social media to celebrate your event. My party was small so it was just something cool and a novelty.”

Ms McFarland said she had also seen the technology used at a baby shower, and expected more filters to pop up in her friendship group as more people turned 21.

But not everyone is a fan of selfies, hashtags, and tweets at parties.

Wedding Couples Standing Firm

Brides and grooms are increasingly issuing smartphone bans during their big day to keep their guests looking up and stop “phone face”.

Country singer Randy Houser said he banned phones from his nuptials this year to prevent “pictures of people in the background at the wedding with phones in their faces”.

And New South Wales Southern Highlands photographer Thomas Stewart’s efforts to stem the trend went viral when he posted a photo of a groom leaning over to see his bride obscured by phone photographers.

Mr Stewart said guests regularly ruined wedding photographs by standing in the way with their smartphones and advised couples to “tell everyone you’re having an unplugged ceremony” in invitations.

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Air Conditioning Servicing Vital To Longevity

Local Henderson air conditioning service contractor Allen Air has recently been in the news for championing the need for regular servicing of industrial service equipment.  Proprietor Kim Allen advised that inattention to this need in equipment such as air conditioning units can lead to long lasting health effects in addition to temporary discomfort.  Such was the case recently in the United States where many Universities were left feeling the brunt of the hot weather without any kind of respite.

Hot Start To School Year Due To Poor Air Conditioning Servicing

The unusually hot start to fall is causing problems for some local schools where air conditioners aren’t working – or where cooling systems aren’t even installed.

Just Monday alone, the Los Angeles Unified School District received some 300 calls for units not working.

The Roybal Learning Center in Los Angeles was one of those campuses where there was no A/C. Some students said they had to go outside just to get fresh air.

The problems on this campus are among approximately 800 active air-conditioning service calls across the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“We have our technicians working extended shifts during extreme weather conditions like this,” said Roger Finstad, LAUSD’s director of maintenance and operations.

Schools in other parts of Southern California are having similar problems. For example, in Garden Grove, 25 of 67 elementary schools are without air conditioning.

On Nov. 8, voters there will have to opportunity to vote on Measure P, which would fund air conditioning for those remaining schools.

Until then, Principal Kristine Levenson at Crosby elementary says the school has contingency plans for hot-weather days.

“We have seven air-conditioned classrooms on campus so we double up the kids so they can share the space,” Levenson said. “It’s a little crowded but it is air-conditioned.”

In Los Angeles, the district is using a $350 million bond to replace the oldest air-conditioning systems at roughly 70 school sites. Replacing all the others with brand new systems just isn’t financially possible.

The district has about 800 school campuses in need and the projects cost $10-20 million each, Finstad said.

“Do the math – that’s just a huge amount of dollars.”

LAUSD technicians get to about 100 to 150 service calls a day, so the 800 backlog is considered manageable. When the school year started in mid-August, the backlog was around 1,400.

This article first appeared in abc7.com

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