WA Court House

WA Family Court 2 Years Behind

Frustrations from Perth residents seem to be boiling over as the WA judicial system is backlogged due to a lack of judges.  Local Perth family lawyers Douglas Chevralls have indicated an increase in  frustrated family members as they are are subjected to continued delays.

The WA Family Law court is grappling with an “unprecedented” increased workload, with wait times for trials expected to blow out to two years and the chief judge calling on the Government to provide additional resources.

An acting judge who was employed to deal with the existing backlog can no longer take up the role because of health concerns.

Meanwhile, the court’s chief judge will no longer be available for trials in Perth, as he moves full time to a federal family court role, leaving just four full-time judges for the court.Read more

Sticking to apple

Why Do We Keep Buying Apple Products?

Why It’s So Hard To Change From Apple

The main ingredient for the success of Apple is the creation of its ecosystem.  Once a customer invests in this ecosystem ( A3 photocopeirs, Mac Laptops, Apple Notebooks, Itunes, Siri, Apple TV, IOS etc), the pain of disconnect is greatly enhanced.  The same can be said for bigger ticket items.  Once you’ve invested in a brand for such high ticket items, it’s rare to change due to the flow on effect of having to change so many other elements connected to your item.Read more

yallingup accommodation

A Yallingup Adventure

Western Australia has some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, with stunning beaches, glorious ocean views, and the most fulfilling sunsets imaginable.  One of the best kept secrets is the tiny seaside town of Yallingup.  One of the biggest questions potential visitors ask, is what style of accommodation is available.  The answer is that there is a mix.  Of particular note is the beach style of  Yallingup accommodation that is showcased in the Injidup area.   With a laid back lifestyle accompanying a serenity to die for, this family focused accommodation style is certainly a winner.  For those looking for a little bit more, the following Yallingup home was discovered which showcased what many would consider the perfect getaway home both for a holiday, and to live permanently.  For those seeking a permanent sea change, or simply some time out, this is the kind of property that will stand you in good stead.

Permanent Yallingup Aaccommodation

This stunning home is absolutely perfect for a number of different reasons and it is versatile enough to suit a variety of lifestyles.

It is found in the beautiful suburb of Yallingup and enjoys all of the peace and quiet that comes with being located so close to nature, while being on the verge of a number of amenities.

“This home is centrally located, close to Dunsborough with the wineries and restaurants in that area and also close to the coast; Smiths Beach is a short drive away,” Stocker Preston Dunsborough Property Consultant Chris Stott said.

The kitchen in this property is absolutely superb; it contains quality Smeg appliances as well as two ovens and an induction cooktop. Corian benchtops also feature in this immaculate space and finish off what is a dream for a chef of any calibre.

“The sheer size of the kitchen and the workspace will appeal to most buyers, the two ovens are built higher into the cupboards to make them more accessible and easier to use,” Mr Stott said.

The open-plan living and dining area leads off from the kitchen and makes the most of the cathedral-style ceiling that has exposed beams running through it. The height of the ceiling instantly creates a light, bright area that is extremely spacious and welcoming to a variety of entertaining options.

“The main living area includes a large fireplace with slow combustion wood heater. It has a feature stone floor-to-ceiling hearth around the fireplace area that is a key feature of the room,” Mr Stott said.

Sliding stacker doors open onto the alfresco area that is part of the timber-decked verandah which spans the width of the home. The verandah also provides access to three of the four bedrooms through sliding doors.

The master bedroom is the only one that doesn’t provide access to the verandah, but what it lacks in outside access it easily makes up for in other areas.

It is an extremely spacious room and includes a grand walk-in robe and an elegant ensuite. All of the bedrooms in this home are of a very good size and would easily suit a variety of possibilities.

“This home would really suit a large family or even two couples that are looking into buying a holiday home. The size of the home and the versatility of the bedrooms would lend it very well to multiple people staying here,” Mr Stott said.

Set on 1.57 hectares of land the home includes an immaculate lawn area and enjoys views of the surrounding area and the forest that overlooks the property.

“The current owners have sheep on the land to keep the lawn down and you would easily be able to keep a horse on the property,” Mr Stott said.

A triple garage sits at the end of the pea asphalt driveway and a pea asphalt pathway borders another beautiful lawn area.

The size and beauty of this home is second to none and it showcases some very special features throughout the 585sqm interior living space, including exposed aggregate concrete flooring throughout the home.

office fitout image

New Office Fitout Has Serious Wow Factor

When it comes to office fitouts it’s fair to say that more times than not – the main focus is cost. According to local Perth office fitout company Capital Builders, the days of style and innovation seem to be long gone, having been replaced by cost efficiency, space maximisation, and a minimalist approach.  Noting this, when office design crafted with mind blowing creativity does surface, the industry tends to stand up and take notice.  Such seems to be the case with a recent project undertaken by Paragon Interiors.Read more

Water Tank Warnings After Reported Deaths

Three people have lost their lives in a set of unimaginable circumstances, whilst undertaking what can only be described as a normal every day task – that being to clean out the inside of a rural water tank.  There is now a call for more attention to ventilation when using motorised engines in or around confined spaces.  Local water tank manufacturer Pioneer Water Tanks have confirmed that whilst there is no direct danger from the inside of the water tank itslef, there can indeed be problems when harmful gases are emitted inside the empty space.Read more

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Trends for 2017

What’s Hot for SEO In 2017

As the new year rolls around, recently made new years resolutions are being smashed, whilst at the same time, those within the online space turn their attention to the current focus for search engine optimisation.  Local search companies like xlstechnologies.com.au, along with your everyday normal local business like perthglassfencing.com are all looking for the edge that will keep them on the forefront of what is current with web marketing today.

Here is a list of the top 5 areas all business owners can focus on in an effort to keep current and relevant in todays SEO climate.Read more

local wedding planners

Social Media Banned From Wedding

In a surprise move in todays society there seems to be a new divide in what is deemed socially acceptable – the use of smart phone technology at weddings.

Whilst one side of the argument embrace new technology and are positive about well wishers, and party participants to capture and share everything, the other side is banning the technology all together.

Local wedding planners are somewhat caught in the middle when it comes to advising couples of new age do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media protocols for weddings.Read more

henderson air conditioning service

Air Conditioning Servicing Vital To Longevity

Local Henderson air conditioning service contractor Allen Air has recently been in the news for championing the need for regular servicing of industrial service equipment.  Proprietor Kim Allen advised that inattention to this need in equipment such as air conditioning units can lead to long lasting health effects in addition to temporary discomfort.  Such was the case recently in the United States where many Universities were left feeling the brunt of the hot weather without any kind of respite.Read more

water damage repair

Returning From Water Damage Despair

Water Damage Is An Excuse For Home Improvement

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of water damage, think twice before calling an emergency water damage repair company.  Completing home improvement projects can be done without paying the additional cost of hiring a professional. This article contains information that will help you complete do-it-yourself projects in your home. Follow the tips listed here and you will surely have a good time working independently.Read more

tai lopez 67 steps

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review

When looking around for information and courses in an effort to become more aware of how to be effective within the online spcace, we came across a product called the 67 Step by Tai Lopez on lantailaw.com.  Whilst not the official site of the product, it did provide a range of information on what Tai Lopez stood for, his teaching beliefs, an overview of his course, as well as some reviews by independent bloggers.  Whilst there was information of both a positive and negative nature, we dissected it all to break it down as follows.Read more